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CFI Construction Corp.


CFI Construction Corp.

CFI Construction Corp. (CFI) is a full service General Contractor specializing in public and private new construction projects, renovations, and property maintenance.

Based in the Washington DC Metropolitan area, CFI has completed a variety of small, mid-sized, and large scale construction projects and renovations throughout the Mid-Atlantic. With extensive experience in private commercial and government construction, we understand that our clients need cost effective and timely completion of their projects. Our primary focus is to make their concept a reality. This is how we gauge success.

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Serving you since 2000

CFI was originally established and incorporated in July 2000 as Creative Finishes, Inc. – a quality carpentry, drywall, and painting subcontracting firm. The general contracting knowledge and experience of the company principals, our performance track record, and our reputation with property owners enabled us to expand and win our first general contracting contract in early 2001. Since the first contract, CFI has performed successively larger dollar value contracts with demanding schedules and complex design, engineering, construction, renovation and environmental tasks. This track record of success is manifest through our significant bonding and borrowing capacity.

With growth, and a name change to CFI Construction Corp. to better reflect our general contracting capabilities, CFI has maintained and expanded personnel and an internal infrastructure flexible to meet the needs of our clients’ projects.

Through CFI’s vast experience, knowledge, in-house resources, and personalized attention, CFI has successfully earned a reputation as being a reliable General Contractor that its clients can count on for all of their construction projects. At CFI, we take a partner approach with our clients’ projects and work with them to not only meet their budget and timeline, but to surpass their expectations.

CFI Construction Corp.


CFI Construction Corp.